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Welcome to Data Science Era!

We are excited that you choose our platform to learn data skills. These terms and conditions given below are the rules and regulations for the use of Data Science Era Website. We offer two types of services such as online course and live training. By using our website, we assume that you accept these terms and conditions.

User Account:

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These information we need to display your name at your profile. If you register for our live training, we should know your name to interact, & you should enter the zoom class using your name.


Email address is the best option to identify your account more appropriately. It is also good option for further communication with you. Additionally, we can let you know about your progress, our services, new course, discount offer etc. via email.

Contact Number

We may need your contact number for further communication of our training. We discuss about our training materials, & share zoom link in our WhatsApp group & email. That is the reason we ask this information.

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You may need provide the name of your country. This information is optional, & we may need this for further communication of our live training.


What our user can’t do:

  • Share any of our website or training content with others
  • Sell or sub-license material from data science era
  • You can’t copy any of our website or training.




Data Science Era courses have a fixed duration that is usually not extendable. We have different plan for our live training and online courses.


Our Rights

We own all content provided through our website or training. We can take any relevant decision regarding the student enrollment, training or content.